As we all know, Michigan can be more competitive by investing to ensure the talent, infrastructure and resources employers value most are available here.

CTE is part of that equation, helping to ensure a future pipeline of skilled, qualified talent aligned with the needs of business.

If CTE enrollment is a measure of how well high school students are being prepared for highly-skilled technical jobs, then know this. Fewer than one in four students in public high schools in Michigan are enrolled in a CTE class.

At its most basic level, young people – and often even their parents – don’t know what’s out there in the world of work if we don’t tell them and show them. And that’s where you come in. Getting involved in ConnECTed activities is a great way to be proactive not only for students…but also for your future labor force.

We have so many opportunities for you to participate – from hosting a job shadow or volunteering at a career fair to conducting mock interviews or helping us develop a summer camp geared toward your industry.

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For Ready.Set.Interview I sat on the panel group where students were able to ask questions to hiring managers. It was interesting to see where the students were coming from and be able to give them accurate advice about interviews and hiring.

Jessica Barber, Branch Manager
Isabella Bank

It is really helpful for students to get a chance to better understand the real cost of being an adult. The look on their faces as they walk through the room during Reality Store is priceless.

Kevin Heye, Vice President of Operations
Greater Midland

In Reality Store, some students make great decisions and end up doing well at the end of the program. Other students don’t fare so well, but they all get a feel for how difficult decision making can be for their parents. It shows them the things they need to think about as their high school career comes to an end.

Danielle Angst, CPA, Senior Accountant
Andrews Hooper Pavlik PLC

Reality Store with 11th graders really brings a current life perspective to them. They are so close to being adults and it hopefully has the greatest impact on their future successes.

Ali Ellis, Mortgage Originator
1st State Bank

Being in a finance profession and having experience under my belt, I feel it is my responsibility to give back and share some of my knowledge with the younger generations.

Raquel Brown, Business Development Officer
Members First Credit Union

I am passionate about Reality Store. As adults, through life, we have come to realize the importance of saving money. Young people lack that life experience. Volunteering to work the Savings table at Reality Store allows me to help educate them on how simply saving a little of their weekly paycheck can have a big impact on their life, and ultimately their happiness.

Ryan Carter, Business Development Specialist
Dow Chemical Employees’ Credit Union

I enjoy working at the Reality Store, It is fun to interact with 8th graders and see their reactions as they learn to balance a budget and appreciate what their parents do! It is also a great way to see youth I know in a different environment.

Danielle Shealy, Associate Pastor
Trinity Lutheran

For a lot of students, it’s a great introduction into the real world.

Rudy Barron

At this age, they say the craziest things! I’m pretty passionate in helping them learn something they may not otherwise learn in school. Some of the life skills are essential to their learning.

Tracy Corbat, Vice President Wealth Management
Redbridge Financial

I love the mock interviews because it is such a great way to get students ready for the real world. Career Search is a great experience as well. It’s great that so many companies and educational facilities attend these events, because it’s an awesome way for students to explore and seriously think about what they want to do when they grow up. 

Teri Webster, Education & Training Assistant
Merrill Institute