ConneCTEd offers a wide array of CTE summer camp options. Our camps are so robust that students come from all around the state to participate!

Each camp opens a new door into career exploration and development. All are carefully planned with industry experts and coordinated to ensure participants gain helpful knowledge and career insight –  while having fun with helpful, passionate instructors and kids their own age.

Here’s a look at summer camps.

“What’s On The Menu” camp

What's on the Menu - Tour of the Mitten

Ag/Culinary Camp:
Ages 12-18
June 24-26, 2024
Coleman CTE program buildings (Transportation provided from Midland)

The camp is a farm to plate experience presented by the Coleman Agriscience Program and the Coleman Culinary Program. This camp will be held in the Coleman CTE Program Buildings. Students will learn about food preparation and menu planning and source local ingredients from our Agriscience program in a hands-on way.

Starting at Square One - Trades Camp

Starting as Square One

Skilled Trades Camp:
Ages 12-18
July 15-18, 2024 or July 22-25, 2024
Greater Michigan Construction Academy, Midland

Students will have hands-on experiences working with tradespeople from the industry. Some of the activities will be, welding, carpentry, electrical, safety, self designed and built carpentry project, heavy equipment, field trip to construction sites and more. This will be held at the Greater Michigan Construction Academy.

Avanced Scrub Life Camp

Scrub Life

Healthcare Camp:
Ages 12-18
June 10-12, 2024
Davenport University, Midland Campus.

Students will have hands-on experiences working on various skills in healthcare; vital signs, first aid, simulations. This camp will be hosted at the Davenport University, Midland Campus.

Find Your Future Camp

Find Your Future

All Pathways:
Ages 12-18
June 17-19 2024         
Delta College, Downtown Midland Campus

This camp explores all 6 Career Pathways through hands-on experiences with professionals representing each of the 6 pathways and career readiness skills.

Level Up

Advanced Skilled Trades Camp:
Ages 15-18
July 29th-August 1st, 2024
GMCA, Midland MI

Take your trades skills to the next level! Come weld, wire, plumb and mud your way through a hands on skilled trade camp.